Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Problems

The Problems

America is in trouble. That is a given. Spiritual sickness is the reason. JESUS is the cure.

When dealing with those who can only see the physical issues, here is where we are:

  1. People recognize that one of the main reasons for our loss of manufacturing jobs is the cost of labor. Yet, some want to raise the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage would likely reduce buying power, but that is something that doesn't seem to matter. At the same time, these same people don't want us to raise tariffs or taxes on imports from countries that use slave labor. So, Americans want stuff made by countries that use slave labor while demanding raises in wages that are the reason we can't compete with the countries that use slave labor.
  2. People also see that we suffer a loss of corporate and private money to overseas banks because of high corporate, and individual taxes. Yet, people do not want to make it more attractive to keep that money in America.
  3. Our tax system is a mess. A good tax system would be a flat tax. But, the disparity in incomes, the fact that the rich pay all the taxes in America, makes creating a good tax system nearly impossible. Others want a consumption (Fair) tax. The problems with that are manifold.
  4. We have a ton of good middle class people who want the government to provide healthcare for everyone. But, when a new tax comes along and asks them to pay for it, it is somehow a tax break for the rich.
  5. We have people who are fixated on the income disparity. But, income equality results in everyone being equally poor and really ends prosperity and growth. Raising minimum wage just raises inflation. Socialism just results in income disparity as well. Everyone is equally poor except the elitists.
  6. A third of the population is on some form of government program. The other 2/3 are funding the rest of the country, and them.
  7. 4.5% of the population pays 72% of taxes paid at an effective rate of 24%. Yet, the other tax payers say they don't pay enough. The only thing I see as a problem with income disparity is this. How do you put a tax plan together that is actually fair?
  8. Then there is healthcare. The government writes checks. Hospitals can charge $100 for an aspirin because the government makes it possible by undoing fair market, free market competition.

This is the insanity of what our legislators have to wade through. Half want to dump the constitution and have government take over everything. The other half want to hold tight to the constitution and keep America as close to what it was founded to be as possible. I am one of the second half. I love this country and I am amazed by the constitution. I love free market competition. I accept that fallen men in a fallen world will be greedy and selfish. That is going to get worse with greater spiritual sickness.

We have dictator wannabes. We need leaders. We use elections to win arguments. We need unification. We need a population with a commitment to take care of themselves, to work hard and take care of family, and not expect the government to cover them.

We have media with no commitment to truth. We have supplies of news from all directions and none of it is reliable. We have universities indoctrinating people into a belief system, and not teaching them to think. It is Marxism at it's worst. Communism isn't far behind and one of our political parties has embraced every socialist, communist, and anti-American group in America.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Taxes: Flat vs Consumption

Flat (modified) vs Consumption

Why I rejected the consumption tax and how that set me on my quest for a better tax option!

Why I reject the consumption tax;

  1. It requires that people deny themselves things they want in order to avoid paying an unfair percentage of their income in taxes.
  2. In our consumer nation, it cuts into commerce. It encourages people not to make purchases.
  3. It will result in large, underground markets. Rich people know how to buy stuff without paying taxes
  4. A basic consumption tax results in a serious imbalance percentage of income vs taxes paid.
  5. It will require taxation of the internet and all purchases made there on. As people migrate towards purchasing groceries and everything on the internet, that will become a disaster.
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I added this graph because it tells me something. The top 4.5% of income earners pay an effective income tax of 23% (ish) They also pay 75% of all taxes. That means, in order for a 23% "Fair Tax" to fund the government, it would require that every person now funding the government would have to spend every penny they bring in on new products, in order to fund the government. Okay? No investments. No saving. Spend every penny consuming. That is crazy.

It is possible this discrepancy would be made up by the taxation of criminals and people who get paid cash under the table.

There are more reasons that I don't even know yet, but you can see why I think a consumption tax is a bad idea.

This chart also tells me that 15% flat tax isn't enough.

Now, let me explain my tax plan. A simple, modified flat tax;

The Basic Plan

We start with a 15% flat tax. Add to that, a standard deduction of $25,000. Now, simply put, that means anyone who makes $25,000 or less would get a full refund on their taxes. If you make $50,000 you get half of what you have paid in a return. Removes the tax burden of the working poor and reduces the taxes on the lower middle and middle class significantly.

15% is an actual slight bump up, or no change, in percent paid by those making $30,000 - $200,000 (based on the chart above) Very slight, but slight. It is, as I have mentioned, less than what the top earners in america pay. That poses a problem. For now, I am staying with 15% (so I don't have to rewrite this whole thing)

Economic Stimulus Built In

We return the money in two checks. One at the end of November and one at the end of May. That money is then spent. Either it is spent for Christmas and Summer vacations (strengthening family ties) or it is used to pay the growing heating bills and catch up on past bills. Or, it is used to buy health insurance.

Corporate/Business Tax

Now, if we put the same numbers into our corporate tax, with the same refund built in, it becomes tax relief for new business start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The End Of Tax Forms

This tax plan is so simple, there is no need to pay people to figure it out. This will save Americans billions of dollars. We can reduce the IRS down to a minimum, end the fear of the government.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


95 million Americans not on work force, 4.5% of the others are not employed. Over 100 million of 320 million not working. How do you plan to keep taking money from the other 200 million and pay for healthcare, and cancer research, and winand solar power, pharmaceutical research and farm subsidies, and send hundreds of billions to other nations? 1 million legal and 1 million illegal immigrants a year. How is it that you think this is possible? People, who are only concerned with what you can get from the government, don't care about $20 trillion in debt and the concept of taxing everyone who is working, into poverty.

Well, I already put myself $20,000 in debt to help a family of strangers. I am not in a position to do it again. But, I will never support this nonsense of destroying the country because folk can't do the math

I will never support taking from those who have earned it and giving it to those who haven't. I will never support reaching into someone else's pocket and giving it to a cause I think is worthy. It is immoral and unethical and it is theft.


This country is unique. Our problems are not shared in other countries. Yet, our poor people still have it better than those in most countries. There are churches, and individuals, throughout this country that will feed and clothe and house the poor. They would do tons more, and more effectively then the government, if people would just stop supporting the government taking over doing it.

We have a government that spend trillions of dollars to support bureaucracies that disperse billions. It is literally like giving money to a charity that uses all but 10% of it to pay the salaries of the charity workers.

This trend of trying to get the government to steal from the rich and give to the poor is going to be the destruct of America. The Democrats want major taxes to kick in when someone makes $250,000 a year. Folks, that is not much money. If you are one who is striving for your kids to be successful, by the time they get to be, the Democrats will have taxes set at a level to tax them right back into poverty. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Resist the Democrats

I have lived for nearly sixty years. I have spent 20 of the last twenty five years in black churches and as part of the black community. This life I have lived has resulted in seeing what has been going on in America for years. This is some what I have observed.

Throughout the history of America there has been a group of people behind the scenes who have one goal; maintain power. Particularly, maintain power over groups of people they deemed inferior. Ultimately, to maintain power by maintaining a lock on the economic condition of America. As America has changed, their tactics have changed. Their goal is still the same.

To do this, they resisted the end of slavery, the voting rights of ex slaves, the notion of declaring slaves as actual human beings. They moved into attempted genocide by the use of eugenics and abortion. One quarter of the black population of America has been exterminated by abortion. 444 of every 1,000 black pregnancies ends in abortion today. Who supports this? Democrats. I don't know how many black women were forcefully sterilized during the eugenics effort.

In the 1930's, the Democratic party, having lost the war to keep slaves, and the war to keep blacks from voting, instituted the New Deal.

The New Deal was a way for Democrats to literally buy the support of the black community, even though the black community knew they were the racist stronghold that had fought against them. It worked. The black community bit the bullet and through in with the Democratic party in order to support them in the promise of “30 acres and a mule”. What they never saw, was that it was just a way to keep them owned and controlled by the old plantation money. The promise of wealth and big handouts never materialized. Instead, the promise morphed into a welfare state that gives just enough to support, without enough thrive and no avenue to escape.

However, over the years, many minority entrepreneurs and millionaires have raised themselves up in spite of the effort of the Democratic party. Doctors, lawyers, CEOs, business owners, franchise owners, and in every other profession minorities have begun to flourish. So, once again, the tactics had to change.

The Democratic party gradually changed it's message. But the motivations and intentions have never changed. Today, even while claiming to empathize with the black community, the intention is to insure that the black community never reaches a place where they have the money to threaten the power base of the money elite. So, how did they do it? They convinced the black community that rich white people are the problem. How does that work? This is how;

The old plantation money aristocracy already has its money. It doesn't need to make anymore to have total power. The only thing that can threaten them? New money! By focusing the black community on the idea of raising taxes on the rich white people in order to fund the government handouts, they have gotten the black community to vote time and again to raise taxes on the rich. The thing is, those taxes don't touch money people already have. Those taxes only tax money that is being made now. In other words, those taxes do not touch the rich white people who are the problem. Who do these taxes hurt? They hurt every new entrepreneur and every person who is pulling themselves up. In short, the Democratic party is doing all it can to tax minority rich people back into poverty.

Over the years, a number of black leaders have raised up to give their people an equal shot at the American dream. Now that their dream is coming to fruition, the Democratic party wants to change America into a socialist nation where all these gains will be taken away. Where every person who has a chance to reach the goal will have it taken away.

If that wasn't enough, the Democratic party has continually told the black community that blacks will never succeed, never thrive, because they are oppressed. They repeat the rhetoric that blacks cannot compete, cannot excel, cannot succeed as long as white people have power.

What happens when you tell a child that he will never amount to anything? Some will prove you wrong, others will just give up. The ones who will prove you wrong are doing it with anger and frustration and hate. The ones that just give in are doing it with anger and frustration. If you are focused on the idea of being oppressed, then you can be convinced you have to bring down your oppressors before you can raise yourself up. This is why Democrats keep the black community focused on hating white people. That way, they will not focus on raising themselves up.

It is because of all of this that large numbers of minorities are trapped in poverty. Trapped in slums. Trapped in bad schools and a bad education system.

Meanwhile, the Republican party keeps telling everyone that we all can be whatever we want. The Republican party keeps moving forward with school choice and lower taxes. The Republican party is the only thing standing between the Democratic party and the complete destruction of the black community in America.

This isn't all of it. This is just surface stuff. I could take extra time to explain how destabilizing the nation serves to keep minorities poor and the aristocracy rich. I show you how the marriage of radical Muslims and the Democratic party adds to this. But this is enough for you to understand:


Monday, January 9, 2017

Old Money (Democrats) vs New Money (Republicans)

Old Money (Democrats)
New Money (republicans)

There are two types of wealthy people in America. New Money looks after its money. Old Money looks after its power. One is in politics to control things, one is in politics to keep from being controlled.

Old Money doesn't rely on anything to maintain its money. But, power is another matter. In order to maintain power, Old Money wants the vast majority of Americans to not have any hope of being rich and powerful. They support our universities and the Democratic party. They maintain power by indoctrinating our young people with ideas of socialism and reliance on government handouts and big government.

Old Money also tends to be very white and very racist. They have been the ones against the end of slavery, against blacks getting to vote, against blacks being considered human, and against the civil rights movements. Interestingly, they are also the ones that were for eugenics and for using abortion as a form of genocide against the black race. They are still the ones who support abortion on demand and want to fund it with government money. Over ¼ of the black population has been killed by abortion and, currently, 444 out of every one thousand black pregnancies ends in abortion. This is not by accident. It is a plan that Old Money supports through their political party, the Democrats.

So, you may ask, why is it that the Democratic party seems to be pro black? Well, (if you haven't noticed this for yourself I hope you will not get offended) this is because the appearance, or actuality, of being pro minority and pro special interest, results in maintaining a divisive environment within the social order. As long as the nation is divided, it will never be strong and the poor will never climb out of poverty, and Old Money accomplishes its desire.

Perhaps you have never taken note of the fact that racial division becomes greater and more pronounced when Democrats are in office. This is not by accident. Perhaps you have taken notice that the media and the Democrats seems to be linked together. This is not an accident either. Old Money sees to it that the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharpens of the world are able to continue to divide the nation and inflame racism. Old Money likes having black folk elect black folk who are only interested in representing black folk and maintaining government programs that keep as many of the poor dependent on government, so they never strive to be more. Keep the people docile and dependent, they don't embrace ambition and don't retaliate against the system that supports them.

As much as it may seem strange, having a few more black Democrats in office, solidifies Old Money's plans to keep black folk down and poor. Our politicians don't control things. Bankers and lawyers, and Old Money controls things. Congress is just a tool, a figurehead, for the “We the people” who have Old Money.

So, while Old Money is the Democratic party, and is set to keep America weak, tax and regulate business out of America, and maintain a caste society of the rich and the poor, the New Money Republicans are a completely different breed;

New Money needs the nation to be strong and prosperous and to have as many people as possible working and making money and spending money. New Money gets its power from its money. New Money operates businesses and thrives only when Americans have money and are spending money. Their motivation is for every person to have a job and every business to have the greatest opportunity to thrive.

New Money wants smaller government, less government mandates and less government control. New Money will sacrifice the EPA in order to give each entrepreneur a chance to make their company work. New Money seeks the success of others so it can grow and prosper and reach that great and lofty goal of being worth billions.

Old Money is funny in that it claims that rich people are the cause of poor people being poor. Basically, Old Money uses rhetoric to sell the public on ideals of socialism and taxing rich people to death. They are for this, because they already have their money. You can't tax it. You can't take it. No matter what America does to be as socialist as Old Money wants it to be, they have theirs and all that really does it protects their position and power. Old Money is about power and control. New Money is about success, which will lead to power and control. New Money is a threat to Old Money.

The more the government can stand in the way of, or tax, New Money, the more they maintain the status quo and their power. That is why the Democratic Party in America is so socialist and handout oriented.

However, Bernie Sanders came along and nearly derailed the plans of Old Money. Bernie would have taken socialism way past the level that Old Money wants. So, the entire Democratic National Convention did all it could to undermine and cheat Bernie Sanders.

There is a study in human nature to be seen here. As long as you look someone in the eye and tell them you are all for them, you can rob them blind and steal their hope and dreams away. That is what the Democrats have done to the poor and minorities of America for decades.

If you, as an American, want to see America as the land of opportunity again, then you will reject the Democratic party and Old Money. You will see New Money Republicans as a people who are equally self motivated, but who rely on you being prosperous and America growing and stronger.

So, why does the Republican party have fewer black politicians. Success is why. If you meet a black Republican, you will have met a business person with a desire for success in business. You will have met a man or woman who wants to create and thrive and live the dream. They are not going to leave corporate America to be a politician. Seldom does any successful business person leave that behind to be president, or to go to Washington. Politicians, by and large, are people who really didn't accomplish anything in the world. They are, have been, and always will be, politicians.

The educated, successful black person is more likely to be a Republican than a Democrat. There are those who are intelligent, but reject the truth when it is presented, listen to what the Democrats say and ignore what they do and what goes on around them, just because someone told them they are Democrats and always will be Democrats.

I will say it again. Democrats are about power and control. They manipulate minorities in such a way that they can keep them poor while saying they are their friends. The condition of minorities in America has always been of being allowed to compete in the race after they were three laps behind. All that eh democrats do, out in the open and blatantly, is to give the appearance of wanting American minorities to thrive, yet the result has always been to demoralize and divide.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Legalizing Marijuana

Someone I follow on Facebook wrote a piece against legalizing marijuana. I wrote this in reply;

America is suffering from a combination of a spiritual sickness mingled with liberty and freedom. The total depravity of man being play out in the absolute depravity of his actions. There is no set of laws, no system of government, that can thwart this moral and ethical decay. Americans are in such a state of sickness, they cannot get past a day without their alcohol or their drugs.

Mexico’s Supreme Court Opens Door to Legalizing Marijuana UseThe joy of life has left many. Some can't find comfort without a drug. Some just make it a part of their winding down. Since I do not drink, or do drugs, or smoke anything, I do not understand why it is such an epidemic. I only know that the need for some mind altering substance is very real for many, and some folk just do it because they like it.
Our prisons are full of people who are there just because someone decided to declare war against Americans who want to use their drug of choice. We spend $600 Million a year on a war against Americans. We spend thousands of lives, police and private citizens, just to keep people from using their drug of choice. Just because Americans are in such a state of spiritual and emotional sickness that they can't make it without.

Per 1,000 people, 100 X more people are in prison in America than any other country. (not an actual number, just making a point) So, what is the real answer? We need leaders who lead and we need an education system that educates. We don't need more laws, and we could use to have a few thousand less laws. Some things need to be left to individuals to decide for themselves.

Then, we need to start treating driving under the influence as attempted manslaughter and put people away for doing it. We need to increase penalties for crimes committed while under the influence. We need clean, controlled places where we can identify and help drug addicts, instead of forcing them to do their drugs in the shadows and abandoned building shooting galleries.

I have watched America tear itself apart to fight a war against Americans. In the process, we have created a system that rewards drug dealers and has caused the cartels and wars in South America. Which has caused many to flee South and Central America for a hope of peace in America. This has been the reason for illegal immigration becoming more of an issue. We are reaping the results of our policies.

Is legalizing drug use the answer? I don't know. The real answer is to not have made laws against it in the first place. The damage is done and we would be better off spending that money on educating people about drugs. We would be better off using the police for crimes that are one person against another, and not to protect people from themselves.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Smashing the head of a puppy, or a kitten, with a sledgehammer is probably the most humane way to kill anything. It is instantaneous, as far as we know, and it is humane. Quick, and decisive and over. The only more humane way to dispose of an unwanted animal would be to inject it with something that would put it to sleep and then shut it down.

Yet, if you decided you wanted to get rid of an unwanted pet, and you chose to bash it's little head in with a sledgehammer, there would be those who would cry fowl and unleash every vile epithet, followed by some attempt to place you in jail and fine you a large sum of money. How is it that we seem perfectly happy to let a procedure be done to babies that is far more heinous, far more cruel, and far more painful.

Every year, nearly 1 million babies are torn apart with forceps, cut into little pieces with scalpels, tortured to death with no painkillers and no anesthesia? This is done under protection of law and in the most horrid of circumstances, in the mothers womb.

I recently read the account of what an abortion is, written by a nurse who was trying to refute the claims of Donald Trump about “ripping them out of the womb”. In her description, she carefully chose the phrase “dissection” using the words “sharp and blunt dissection”. The person who posted this explanation on my Facebook page, wanted to show that Trump wasn't telling the truth.

So, I explained to her what “Blunt instrument dissection” means. It means, for those of you who will not think about it, taking a pair of forceps into the womb and pulling off a leg, or an arm. It means, torturing a baby to death like one pulls the wings off of a fly. Meanwhile, the baby can be seen pulling away and opening it's mouth to scream. All of this with no pain killers and no anesthesia. How is it that this procedure has been allowed to continue for 40 years? It serve the purpose of both the Right to Life and the pro choice camps to not address it. 

You see, the pro choice group denies the baby has any sense of pain. It is one of the ways they distance the baby from being human. If you have to start treating the babies as human beings, then they might lose the support of those whom they have convinced this is not true. Plus, let's face it, pro choice folk are not exactly the most compassionate when it come to the unborn.

You would think the Right to Life groups would have worked to stop this. Not the idea of stopping the abortion, the idea of stopping the torture. But, it is the torture that makes abortion so heinous. If you were to get rid of the torture, then the argument against abortion might get weaker. That wouldn't serve the cause of the Right to Life campaign, so it is never discussed. It is never addressed. It is never ending.

We, you who are reading this post and I, need to stand up and shout about this. Millions of babies are being tortured to death is ways that we wouldn't allow to happen to a dog. The most inhumane treatment of any living creature is being perpetrated against human babies, supported by the government, protected by laws. It is wrong.

Surely, we could force our legislators to pass laws that would require babies be “put to sleep like a dog” before we allow them to be mutilated and dissected with “Sharp and blunt instrument dissection”. Surely it isn't unreasonable to use a small injection of a compound to end the life of the baby before that happens. The amount needed to kill a baby is tiny enough to not effect the mother. The umbilical could be clamped before the injection given.

I hope the start of this post made you angry. I hope that outrage has carried to the end. We need the outrage if we are going to motivate people to action.